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Hello Hunters !
And Welcome to the Late Pledge Community!
The long night between our kickstarter success and the Late Pledge promise is over! Gears have been turning and the dawn of a new day has come… Your day.
The first ones had their time to revel in bringing our Hunting Campaign into reality.
Now is the time for our trusted Late Pledgers ! Your interest and willingness to be a part of our cause to end the vampire scourge upon our world has not gone unnoticed.
Late Pledge is now recruiting! Step up and be recorded in the journals of history.
And remember, Everyone who participates in the Late Pledge will be listed in the Pledge Manager and will continue to be able to buy all our Game Add-ons while the Pledge Manager is active.
So dust off your crossbows and tighten your waist bucklers folks because like the daylight, the Pledge Manager won’t last for ever, and when it’s gone, the night will once again be upon us, and much will be expected of those who answered the call.

Til that day, welcome aboard and–
Good Hunting!