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About us

Dark Gate Games is a vibrant company, determined to bring many fun and exciting games to gamers’ tables. Filippo Chirico and Andrea Roccella founded DGG in 2015, with Filippo focused on game design and Andrea running the business.

We are the epitome of a modern distributed company with collaborators in USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Moldova, Morocco, China and beyond.

Filippo Chirico leads the core Dark Gate Games team of 5 people. Combined, we have worked for 23 years in the games industry and our names are in over 35 published rulebooks, with many more on the way.

OUR GOAL: “To give gamers a unique experience every time they play”

OUR PHILOSOPHY: From gamers to gamers! As players we know exactly what we want to enjoy in a board game… you bet we put that fun into ours!