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The Order of Vampire Hunters


The Order prevailed once. Quiet for so long, the Night is coming again. Can The Order regain its former strength and push back the tide of evil? 

Vampire Hunters is a co-operative miniature-based board game for 1-4 players, expandable to 5-6 players. It brings the dark imagery of Vampire lore to your tabletop, as you play a newly recruited Vampire Hunter. Thrown into the Vampire den with a small band of comrades, use classic weapons like stakes, holy water and sunlight to destroy the creatures of the Night. Team up and make combination attacks. Craft makeshift items in the Den and buy quality equipment between Hunts. Learn new skills to take down these vile creatures.

But watch the clock: at sundown, you become the prey!

Vampire Hunters is defined by thematic, innovative and fast game mechanics that guarantee a unique and fun gaming experience. Sundown and the Awakening completely change the dynamics of the game. Many optional game modes ensure the game will always be fresh.

Good Hunting!

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